Review: Oriflame maxi lash mascara

 " THE mascara of this age: a revolutionary dual-effect comb applicator and unique mascara formula, giving the fattest, most intense lashes ever seen! 16X more VOLUME! Enriched with natural beeswax and lash-conditioning panthenol"-Oriflame

  • Very uncomfortable dual comb
  • Too liquidy
  • No volume
  • No smudges
  • Separates nicely
  • Gives a decent lenght 

At first i didn't like it at all. And most of my clients returned it. The dual comb was very uncomfortable and because it's too liquity the mascara ended up on my eyelids. It has wider and thinner side and u litteraly have to comb your lashes very thoroughly, otherway's ,lot's of mascara builds up and u end up getting spiderlegs.  But i got use to it and now i kinda like it.It gives lenght and separates,and less product ends up on my lids:) This is actually my second tube( free gift) and i am gonna try to use it all up.

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