December favorites:)

Angry birds blueberry hand cream:
The minute i got it i fell in love!:) It is so good!:) I really like the texture -creamy yet light.Hands are very moist and doesn't feel greasy or heavy.It has a very light blueberry scent at first and then fades away.Plus the package is so cute!:)
Oriflame Felicity perfume:
This perfume is perfect for winter.It is exotic and spicey.Main components are vanilla,cinnamon,lemon,sandalwood,musk.At first it comes off strong but after few minutes it fades and leaves light spicey scent. Usually i don't like spicey scents but this one is just perfect for me:)
Oriflame Precious moments perfume:
This one is perfect for winter as well or if u want to add some fancy touch up.This perfume contains diamond powder which leaves your skin shimmery: )Plus it comes with a ring on top of the lid:) It makes the bottle so edgy and fancy:) The top notes are apple,wild berries,white flower and warm wood:)
Mode4U nail polishes:
These two reminds me of Christmas so much.Turning the holidays they were my go-to polishes:)
Lingot "confetti" eyeshadow:
Again this is perfect for the holidays:) Beautiful gold shimmery colour.Pigmented and lasts long:)

And some "non beauty" things:
Instagram : Before i thought why do people post random pics in Twitter and other places,what's the point? But now am obsessed!:) I like to share my life and like to watch other peoples life:) But what's the deal that Instagram selling users pictures? So many people have deleted there account and move to another place called EyeEm.I just incase made account aswell but am not feeling the love yet with that place.:)

And last but least is my phone:
I woke up and am in my phone,i'll go to work am in my phone,i'll go to bed with my phone in my hands.Basecally every free time that i have i spend it on my phone:) I love getting new apps,read news and blog posts watch youtube while am not home and catching up everything:) And also i like to take quality photos and share them instantly:)

What have been your favs this month?

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