December empties!

Nivea body milk:It was on my october favorites post.I really liked it! It did it's job well.Defenetly i would buy this again:)
Huggies baby wipes:Not the best wipes that i have used.The package is nice and colourful but the lid broked and 50% of my wipes dryed.They had little bear image on,texture was rough ( and these are baby wipes??) It did remove make-up but not thoroughly.Skin was quite dry after.Contains 64 wipes .It had cucumber scent.I will not recomend those wipes.
Vanilla & apple shower gel: At the end it had a very bad smell.Otherwise it was ok but i would not buy it again.
Yves Rocher Jardins du Monte Grains de cafe du Brazil shower gel:If u love coffe like i do,then u gonna love this shower gel.It is just amazing! It smells soooooo good! It really does smell like freshly made coffe with cream.Soo sooo good:)) It made me wanna drink coffee every time i showered:) The formula is thick ,so u need a very small amount.It lathers up well.It is gentle and my skin was sooo soft after wash:) It also leaves a light scent to your skin:) It was actually gonna be my november favorites but i clearly forgot to add it.I would buy this again and again:)
Dead sea mud hair mask: I had a review on that but suprise suprise it vanished somewhere:) I bought this mask because it had hair loss prevention written on it,also it helps too grow new hair faster.I really liked it,i didn't see any noticeable hair growing but it gave me volume and soft hair.:)
Yves Rocher wrinkle reducing night cream:Read the review over Here


  1. Pole ühtegi neist toodetest kasutanud, aga arvamused kuluvad alati marjaks ära :)

    1. Nivea kreemi ja Yves Rocheri duššigeeli soovitan!;))