Review: My most used brushes

I was just gonna wash my brushes and thought to myself why not make a quick post about what brushes i use mostly/ everyday. I got all my ( fake) Mac brushes from Buduaar a while ago and so far i have been very pleased with them.They have pretty good quality,i wish they where a little softer though:)

  • Eyebrow/lash comb brush: Mainly i use the eyebrow side too comb through my brows.
  • Angled brush: I use this one to contour my nose,cheecks and also for highlighting.
  • Small angeled brush: This brush is perfect for applying my Giordani Gold eyeliner on my bottom eyelids.
  • Powder brush:Big and not so fluffy brush ,but it makes it's job perfectly:)


  1. Sa ostsid buduaarsit fake Mac pintslid eraldi või mingi komplektina? :)

    1. Komplektina 32 tk oli ja maksis vist 30€ kui 6ieti mäletan:)