Review:Flomar perfect cover concealer



  • Creamyand thin texture
  • Easy to apply
  • Natural and smooth finish
  • Almost the perfect coverage
  • Stays all day
  • Available in many shades
I absolutely love this product!:)  At first i was gonna go with some L'oreal concealers but then i was like no no too small and too expencive.Then i saw this little guy way back in shelf and decided to try this.Before that i thought that my Giordani Gold concealer is the best thing but now i realized that i wasted so much money on that small product and it wasn't even that perfect.This concealer is so easy to use,it has a sponge applicator and u only have to dip it in once and your entire face problems are covered.Before i had to turn and twist and twist and it was just pointless.I really like that it has this natural finish,it doesn't look cackey and doesn't feel heavy.It blends in perfectly and it has very light scent.It covers perfectly,except some really bad red pimples that i have right now on my neck/ chin area.

Have u ever tried this concealer?

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