Review: Garnier Ultra Doux shampoo & conditioner.

Garnier came out this new line and i was curious to try something out.I spend like 20 min looking the "right" product and i finally decided to try the avocado oil and shea butter with very dry and damaged hair.Also the smell was very pleasant:) It says:" Softens and nourishes your hair.They will look shiney and full of life!" I came home and the minut i opened the cap ,everything went down hill! Shampoo just poured out of the bottle when i tilted it over.Great ,now i have less shampoo in my bottle!:S It didn't foam much at first, so i repeated and when i washed my conditioner out my hair was so silky and smooth,i was happy:) Then i blow dryed my hair and omg!! Two words: greasy mess! I was like what the hell?! Top of my head was so so greasy...disgusting!  Next time i washed only once,again greasy..then without conditioner..greasy! The bottle is almost empty and i just can't stand the mess in my head so i just gonna add this to my upcoming empties post.Mmm also my scalp itched a little pit after the wash.I Googled it and i only found one review and basecally the same thing happend.Anyway am very dissapointed because usually i really like Garnier shampoos.

Have u tried this or other Ultra Doux line shampoos?

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