November empties!

Ambray nail polish remover:
Typical polish remover.Nothing special,removes all the polish nicely:)
Garnier anti-perspirant for sensitive skin:
I have already talked about this so no need to too that again:)
Garnier pure active pimple roll-on:
U can read the full review over Here 
Oriflame eye liner stylo:
At first i really like it but over the time the tip dryed out ( i like realized that most of my Oriflame stuff has dryed out lately:O...) and it was really hard and painful if i may say so to applay it on.At one point i even used it to do my nails:) Not gonna buy this one again.
Garnier BB cream(light/clear): 
I have talked so much about this cream and everybody knows about this. But if u still wanna read about this cream then click Here
Manhattan eyeshadow base:
Full review over Here 
Batiste dry shampoo:
My all time favorite dry shampoo.Like the blue one it also made my hair fresh and clean.Love it!
Oriflame dry shampoo:
Because of my insident with the Garnier shampoo i used this one up..i absolutely hate this dry shampoo and it didn't help at all too fix my problem. I had a full review on that but some how it dissapeared? That's not the first my posts are dissapearing!? Anyway the product had a very weird smell,i didn't like it at all.It made my hair even greasyer and heavyer.
Chocolate shower gel:
Light chocolate sent,no foam,no " my skin feels so good after that" feeling.
Eveline Sos nail polish:
I love it! It really helped and my nails looked so good:) Review over Here and Here 
Garnier Ultra doux shampoo:
Click Here to read the full review.I didn't include the conditioner because i use it for my brushes.

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