Review: Joik bath truffles and candle.

"Our white chocolate bath-truffles are a special treat for dry skin - rich in delicious-smelling cocoa butter they leave your skin superbly moisturized, soft and velvety.
Add one bath-truffle to warm bath water and let it slowly melt.
Ingredients: cocoa butter, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, rosebuds.
100% natural product!"-JOIK
I don't know...i wasn't that impressed by the truffles.They have rose paddles inside.I din't smell white or any chocolate scent  what so ever.Didn't melt between the fingers.When i but one in the water then it just slowly melted and turing that time,nasty looking  foam appeared and the water turned grey(ish) and vey greasy.I think that was the "special treat for the dry skin".I layed there like 10 min ,came out ,rinsed and skin was a little different ,,,smoother but this was it.It actually wasn't that expencive-4.50€ and u got 6 of those.Now i have to try out some Lush bath products:)

Sweet peppermint and vanilla candle.It didn't smell that good and strong that my last candle "Sweet temptation" .I smelled more vanilla than peppermint.

What is your favorite Lush bath product?

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