15 weird questions tag!


1.What's a nickname only you family call you?
 * Lately they have been calling me penguin.Because the way i was walking in the winter when the road was icy.And when i get angry ,i make a really high pitch voice and it sounds like a penguin:)
2.What's a weird habit of yours?
* The only weird habit that comes into my mind is that i always have to walk right side of the road when i am with somebody.I just can't walk the other side,it makes me so uncomfortable.
3.Do you have any weird phobias?
* I think that i don't really have phobias,but i am TERRIFIED of snakes! Like literally i get panic attacks when i see them in real life.I can like watch them on tv and i am not that scared because i know that they are not physically near me but i live in a island and now that the summer is here,they are literally everywhere and i am so scared of walking around.Luckily we have only two types of snakes in Estonia and only one of them is poisonous.And in the island we have the non poison snakes and i know that they don't kill me or anything but still i can't  handle it.I rather eat a full raw onion ( i hate onions btw) than getting used to them being around me.
4.What's a song you secretly love to blast and belt out when you are alone?
* I think it has to be Deorro 5 hours .It has such a cool beat and it is the perfect blast out song:)
5.What's one of your biggest pet peeves?
* I hate when somebody touches my feet.I hate it!.It tickles and i don't like it at all.
6.What's one of your nervous habits?
* When i am nervous,i start to rub my hands,almost like applying hand cream.Also my voice get's super shaky and high.
7.What side of the bed do you sleep on?
* I sleep on the right side of the bed.
8.What was your first stuffed animal and what was it's name?
* I remember that i had a rabbit and her name was Mari.She was brown and quite long.I remember that i thought that she was my baby and i took care of her.One point she was my student and anyway be played a lot of things together.I think i was 12 when a puppy that my family got,ripped her appart.There was only filling left and that was the end of Mari.I was so sad.
9.What's the drink you always order in Starbucks?
* We don't have Starbucks here in Estonia,but we have Coffee in.And it depends on the weather,when it's cold i always go with creamy caramel latte and when it's hot i go with caramel latte frappe.Caramel is my thing!:)
10.What's the beauty rule you preach but actually never practise?
* Mmm that's a hard one.I think i don't drink water enough and i don't do face mask's as much i should do.
11.Which way do you face in the shower?
* Hahah that is indeed a really weird question! But i face the shower that it is behind me way.
12.Do you have any weird body skills?
* No i don't
13.What's your favourite comfort food/ food that's bad for you but you love to eat it anyway?
* I love me some potato chips and dip! I am such a sweet tooth so anything sweet too
14.What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?
_* I say Look all the time in every sentence that comes out of my mouth.
15.Time to sleep-What are you actually wearing?
 * T-shirt and pajama shorts:)