Nifty Thrifty tag


1. Most expensive thing you've thrifted:
The first thing that comes into my mind is this high-low dress,that was 15 €.I seriously needed that dress in my life.Usually things that are over 10€ on a thrift store ,i would not buy it, but that dress was totally worth it:)

2. Least expensive thing you've thrifted:
I would say that my least expensive thing is that bag.I can't remember how much it was but the inside of that bag sold it for me.I love bag's that are colourful inside:)

3. Favorite thing you've thrifted:
I think i have to say this dark wine coloured cardigan.I love that it is so comfy,cosy and those elbow bad's are just adorable!:)

4. Most regretted purchase:
Well,i don't exactly regret that i bought that thing,but i am talking about that purse.When i saw it i was like wow-what a cool bag.It reminded me of those messenger bags.The colour actually looks more beige/yellow(ish) than it look on the picture. I have never worn/use it and it just sit's on my closet.

5. Favorite thrift store:
Paavli kaltsukas for sure:)

6. Weirdest thing you've thrifted:
It has to be this weird dragon figure.I bought it while thinking that i can hold my rings and other jewerly in there.I have no idea what this thing is-it works with batterys and sometimes it's eyes starts to blink red.Now it's just freaks me out!

7. Most worn thrifted item:
I have two items that i have worn the most.The first thing is this spring coat.I absolutely adore that coat.I think it's been two years since i got that and it is still like new and i still wear it.
The second item is those light brown coloured boots.I remember that they where 5 € and usually i have hard time finding shoes on a thrift store ,so just imagine my face when they where my size and fitted perfectly!:) I wore those boots so much that literally a hole was on the bottom and i had to throw them away just couple moths ago. A freaking hole, people!:)

8. Favorite thrift experience:
I think it has to be this one time when i got a really good deal:)

9. Best thrift deal:
I got a free couch! I was in the store and there was this medium size,dark grey couch that i really liked and i was asking how much is it and the lady on the store sayed that if u transport it yourself then it's free,just take it! I was like what?! It turned out that the sofa was there on months and nobody wanted it and they needed space for new stuff so i just quickly got a car and took that thing out of there:)

10. Longest owned thrifted item:
Hmm,the brown boots and the coat.

11. Favorite thrifted fashion trend:
I love those oversized knittings.Just throw it on with a pair of leggins,pull those sleeves up and u are good to go!:)

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