My blog is now 1 year old!:)

Yesterday my blog turned 1 year old!:) I have been really busy and haven't got much time to blog and today i realized that it's now been a year since i started blogging in here on Blogger.I have told already that at the begining my blog was on Worldpress but it didn't work out,so i came here and started all over again and now it's been a year:) Time flys so fast! I absolutely love what i do and i wanna be a better blogger every day. i thank u all who have became my followers and keep me motivated.Of course i have days where i have absolutely nothing to write and my head is empty,so i was wondering if i should make my blog more versatile,like blogging more everyday life,music,movies...i don't know..let me know what u u wanna read more than beauty posts?
Anyway i hope u have a nice day and i'll see on my next post:)