December favorites:)

Angry birds blueberry hand cream:
The minute i got it i fell in love!:) It is so good!:) I really like the texture -creamy yet light.Hands are very moist and doesn't feel greasy or heavy.It has a very light blueberry scent at first and then fades away.Plus the package is so cute!:)
Oriflame Felicity perfume:
This perfume is perfect for winter.It is exotic and spicey.Main components are vanilla,cinnamon,lemon,sandalwood,musk.At first it comes off strong but after few minutes it fades and leaves light spicey scent. Usually i don't like spicey scents but this one is just perfect for me:)
Oriflame Precious moments perfume:
This one is perfect for winter as well or if u want to add some fancy touch up.This perfume contains diamond powder which leaves your skin shimmery: )Plus it comes with a ring on top of the lid:) It makes the bottle so edgy and fancy:) The top notes are apple,wild berries,white flower and warm wood:)
Mode4U nail polishes:
These two reminds me of Christmas so much.Turning the holidays they were my go-to polishes:)
Lingot "confetti" eyeshadow:
Again this is perfect for the holidays:) Beautiful gold shimmery colour.Pigmented and lasts long:)

And some "non beauty" things:
Instagram : Before i thought why do people post random pics in Twitter and other places,what's the point? But now am obsessed!:) I like to share my life and like to watch other peoples life:) But what's the deal that Instagram selling users pictures? So many people have deleted there account and move to another place called EyeEm.I just incase made account aswell but am not feeling the love yet with that place.:)

And last but least is my phone:
I woke up and am in my phone,i'll go to work am in my phone,i'll go to bed with my phone in my hands.Basecally every free time that i have i spend it on my phone:) I love getting new apps,read news and blog posts watch youtube while am not home and catching up everything:) And also i like to take quality photos and share them instantly:)

What have been your favs this month?

Review: Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit daily scrub.

"An uplifting daily facial scrub with powerful MicroClear technology and exfoliating micro-beads, the formula unclogs pores to clean deeply and help eliminate spots and blemishes. The refreshing scrub gently purifies the skin without overdrying, while a wave of pink grapefruit uplifts the senses with a burst of invigorating freshness". 

  • Has tiny little exfoliant particals that scrubs gently.
  • Great for sensitive skin.
  • Lathers up really well.
  • Leaves soft and clean skin.
  • Less than 5€
  • Really does eliminate spots and blemeshes.
  • Quite liquity.
  • Sweet fruity scent that i don't like.
Overall it is a really nice scrub and defenetly i would repurchase it again.I wish it had a better scent but this is just my opinion.Everybody else seems to like it.

Review: Oriflame Fix ‘N’ Go Styling Gel.

  • Adds a little volume.
  • Not sticky.
  • Sheer.
  • Strong hold.
  • Easy to brush out.
  • Contains pumkin seed extact.
  • Residue free.
  • Light formula.
I really like this gel.It keeps my "baby hairs" under the control:) Works well with wet and dry hair:)

Review: Byphasse liquid keratin for dry hair.

The Keratin liquid BYPHASSE repairs and revitalizes your dry and damaged hair restoring its natural shine and providing it with body and volume. Its formula enriched with Kerating makes straightening easier while protecting your hair.
I read so many positive comments about this product and i really needed something for my dry ends,also it was on sale at that time.I have use it for a while now as u can see ,am almost out and i have to say that i don't like it! It makes my hair even dryer and leaves a very weird texture on it.And if i spray too much it makes them even worse.Also i didn't notice any difference when i was straightening my hair.It smells good though.

What is your favorite hair repearing product?

Angry birds goodies:)

What i won:
  • Rasberry shampoo
  • Cranberry body lotion
  • Cloudberry showel gel
  • Blueberry hand cream
  • Candys
  • Backpack clip
Am super happy with the products.They all smell amazingly and they look so cute:) And the candys are super delicious:)
Thank you Nea!:)

Santa came early this year:))

Am like soooo excited!!:) If u read my previous post then u now that i recivead a package.Yes, there was something that was on my Christmas whishlist:) Am not gonna tell u jet what it was:) But yesterday when i came home i got another suprise package and when i opened it there was!!:)) I have wanted this phone  for sooooooo long!:) It is Sony xperia go.It is white and i absolutely love it.It is dust,water and scratch proof:) My last phone was already a mess because am so clumbsy,,i droped it all the time,the screen was horrible.New phone is amazing,i feel that i have been living under the rock because there is so much things that i can do now with this phone.I even made Instagram:) U can find the button on the sidebar:) I still have to learn and get use too some things like texting, takes so long for me too get the right letter:) The buttons are so tiny!

Review: Oriflame Perfect Blush in Glowing Peach and some exciting news:)

  • Powder blush.
  • Texture is very light.
  • Less pigmented particles tend to give a natural look.
  • Stays on nicely for at least 3-4 hours and starts fading after that. 
  • It has gold dust in it.
  • Nice peachy colour.
  • Gives a glow.
  • Three shades available.( Fresh Pink,Classic Rose and Glowing Peach )

And now the exciting news!- I won a giveaway!!!!!  
Nea from Fashioned in Finland had a Angry birds theme giveaway and i was the lucky winner!:) What a nice suprise before Christmas!:) 
Thank you and Happy Holidays!:)