Santa came early this year:))

Am like soooo excited!!:) If u read my previous post then u now that i recivead a package.Yes, there was something that was on my Christmas whishlist:) Am not gonna tell u jet what it was:) But yesterday when i came home i got another suprise package and when i opened it there was!!:)) I have wanted this phone  for sooooooo long!:) It is Sony xperia go.It is white and i absolutely love it.It is dust,water and scratch proof:) My last phone was already a mess because am so clumbsy,,i droped it all the time,the screen was horrible.New phone is amazing,i feel that i have been living under the rock because there is so much things that i can do now with this phone.I even made Instagram:) U can find the button on the sidebar:) I still have to learn and get use too some things like texting, takes so long for me too get the right letter:) The buttons are so tiny!

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