Review: Bourjois bio detox foundation.

 The package is a lovely glass like bottle, with a pump applicator on top.I usually squeeze a small amount of foundation on my outer palm and then put the cap back on.The texture is creamy at first (when you get it out), but after you start working it onto your skin it becomes
thicker and harder to work with.At first i used brush but then realized that it's not gonna work.The foundation dryes so quickly.It leaves lines and uneven mess.With my fingers it is much better.It has a nice coverage though. Skin feels smooth and silky.Doesn't feel heavy.Smells kinda weird,like baby powder.Lasts all day.Doesn't make your skin oily. I only use it when i have to go some where like on party or a event where i need full and perfect coverage.Althrough it's hard texture ,i really like this foundation and it works for me:)

Have u tryed any of Bourjois foundations before?


  1. Huvitav arvustus :)
    Olen juba ammu tahtnud proovida Bourjois jumestuskreeme, aga pole sattunud kiire elu tõttu üldse poodidesse.

    1. Tegelikult on see hea jumestuskreem,peab lihtsalt ära harjuma selle tekstuuriga:D olen kuulnud et Bourjois healthy mix pidi ka päris hea olema,pole kahjuks ise veel omal nahal tunda saanud.

    2. Ongi plaanis osta healty mix arvustuste põhjal, aga ma ei oska kunagi õiget tooni endale valida. Kogu aeg liiga tume ... :D

    3. siis ei jää muud üle kui tuleb nende innukate tädikeste poole pöörduda kes suuremates kauplustes lettide juures passivad ja nendelt abi küsida:)