October empties!

Garnier 7 days body lotion:
 A lovely creamy texture that leaves your skin feeling velvely.It says that it lasts up to 7 days,but i don't know how is this possible? My skin was moist about day and a half. Smells nice and overall it was a really nice lotion:)
Nivea extra strong styling spray:
Really really nice product.It hold perfectly even the next day!:) And it had a really nice smell that wasn't disturbing or over powering:)
Batiste dry shampoo:
This is the best dry shampoo ever! It really made my hair fresh and nice looking.Defenetly gonna buy the full size bottle!:)
Oriflame power curl mascara:
This has been the only mascara that i have bought twice at Oriflame. It really curled and lenghtened my lashes.Am gonna buy it again in the future:)
Oriflame peel off whitener for nails:
I really don't know why i bought it at the first place.I have had it for 3 years now i think and at first i used it a lot,,even it didn't do anything! Maybe my nails wasn't that yellow..i don't know..! Basecally it is a nail mask for your nails that have gone yellow.U apply it on clean nails and let it dry like 5-10 min and then peel it off.Mine isn't emptie,but it has sitting in my shelf that long that it's time to throw it away!:)
Oriflame nail serum:
Very very oily stuff! But it worked for me. It made my cutiles and my nail area much nicer.I massaged it twice a day into my nails.
Nevo cuticle oil:
It's not emptie. It has also been sitting in my shelf for the longest time ever.I remember that a guy in a mall was talking me and my friend in to buy the Nevo set which came with a shower gel ,body lotion and this cuticle oil.Lotion and shower gel was good,but this cuticle oil was too oily and did't to much.Now when the " best before" was like 2 years ago and the smell is way off ,its time to throw it away:)

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