October empties!

Garnier 7 days body lotion:
 A lovely creamy texture that leaves your skin feeling velvely.It says that it lasts up to 7 days,but i don't know how is this possible? My skin was moist about day and a half. Smells nice and overall it was a really nice lotion:)
Nivea extra strong styling spray:
Really really nice product.It hold perfectly even the next day!:) And it had a really nice smell that wasn't disturbing or over powering:)
Batiste dry shampoo:
This is the best dry shampoo ever! It really made my hair fresh and nice looking.Defenetly gonna buy the full size bottle!:)
Oriflame power curl mascara:
This has been the only mascara that i have bought twice at Oriflame. It really curled and lenghtened my lashes.Am gonna buy it again in the future:)
Oriflame peel off whitener for nails:
I really don't know why i bought it at the first place.I have had it for 3 years now i think and at first i used it a lot,,even it didn't do anything! Maybe my nails wasn't that yellow..i don't know..! Basecally it is a nail mask for your nails that have gone yellow.U apply it on clean nails and let it dry like 5-10 min and then peel it off.Mine isn't emptie,but it has sitting in my shelf that long that it's time to throw it away!:)
Oriflame nail serum:
Very very oily stuff! But it worked for me. It made my cutiles and my nail area much nicer.I massaged it twice a day into my nails.
Nevo cuticle oil:
It's not emptie. It has also been sitting in my shelf for the longest time ever.I remember that a guy in a mall was talking me and my friend in to buy the Nevo set which came with a shower gel ,body lotion and this cuticle oil.Lotion and shower gel was good,but this cuticle oil was too oily and did't to much.Now when the " best before" was like 2 years ago and the smell is way off ,its time to throw it away:)

Review: Joik "Peppermint soap with chocolate swirls"

"Fresh and strong peppermint scent awakes your senses and chocolate swirls are a treat for the eyes. A favourite of both men and women."-JOIK

Ingredients: aqua, olea europaea fruit oil, brassica campestris seed oil, cocos nucifera oil, elaeis guineensis oil, theobroma cocoa seed butter, helianthus annuus seed oil, parfume, prunus anygdalus dulcis oil, ricinus commuunis seed oil, theobroma cocoa seed powder, benzyl salicylate*, linalool*, limonene*, citral*, geraniol*, citronellol*, benzaldehyde*, eugenol*
*components of the parfume

The only thing that i like about this soap is the scent. The rest is not so impressing.Yes,it looks cool but  i was hoping more. It doesn't foam or lather at all.Doesn't leave that fresh peppermint scent into your body.I also use it on my eyes ,hoping that it would remove the make-up and stuff,but no! Although it made my t-zone and the rest of my face very clean,my skin felt like a rubber after and i had to use a  lot of cream.So thank god i only used a small piece of it and probably the rest is gonna find its way on my drawer:)

Have any of my Estonian readers used Joik soaps before? 

Current favorites:)

Nivea body milk for dry skin:
My skin gets really dry in fall and winter.Nivea cream is just perfect,it moisturizes and smooths my skin nicely and it smells good:) Contains almond oli,vitamin E and natural minerals.It absorbes quickly and doesn't leave your skin greasy or anything:)
Carlo di Roma nr 10 nail polish:
This is the perfect colour for me to wear at work:) It has a very sheer shimmer in it .NOTD  is Here
Oriflame Neo chic "Mint pear" nail polish:
This is my latest buy and my very first mint colour and am in love! If am not working ,this has been my " wear me" shade of the past couple of days. :) NOTD is Here
Evelin  SOS  nail polish:
I have had it for months now and at first i struggeled with it because it made my cuticles hurt.But it also worked well. Somehow i stopped using it and at the end of september i started again,because my nails where in a very bad shape.And again it works :) My nails are stronger and they grow a lot faster.It has now a very weird smell..like " best before" is over,but there is no expire date in the bottle..so i don't now .U can read the full review over Here and Here
Oriflame lipstick (sample)
I haven't figured it out what kind of lipstick this is.No name or number:( It is a beautiful pink/coral shade with a lot of shimmer.It has light strawberry scent.It makes my lips tingle,but not in a bad way.It also stays on very long.

What are your favorites at the momement?

Review: Oriflame "Vintage nude" lipstick

Beautiful nude lipstick with a sheer finish.No extra lipgloss needed.Doesn't make your lips try or anything:) .It stays on max 3 hrs.It has quite a waxy, artificial taste:(  Do not settle in the lines:) Cheap and many colours too choose:) Looks very natural:)  It is super smooth and creamy:) Great with smokey eye:)

Oriflame beauty eyeliner



So lets start with why i like this product:
  • The package is really cute.
  • It does not smudge during the day even without powder it lasts all day long
  • Dryes quickly
Now why i don't like it:
  • It's too liquidy 
  • Hard too apply 
  • Doesn't give full dark line
  • Gets crumbly when it dryes
And when i first got it there was a piece of hair sticking out of the wand,so i like cut it because it made applying even harder.Am still gonna use it up and i just fill the "holes" with another liner:)

Thank you for reading!:)

September empties!

Garnier cleansing wipes:
Removed make -up well,but for me they where little bit too dry.Nice smell.Face was soft and clean after. Removed even waterproof make-up:) Contains rose extract.For dry skin.

Oriflame Paradise body cream:
If u love Escada " Especially" then u love this body cream too:) I was dissapointed when i thought that the Paradise perfume would smell the same  but i was wrong-completely different smell..but the body cream leaves a nice scent to your body and it also moisturizes well.

Oriflame rosemary&blackcurrant conditioner:
Conditioner like any other conditioner...nothing special.The smell was too much for me at the end.

Chocolate mask:
Omg! The smell....like really i had to tell myself that this is not real chocolate,do not put your fingers in your mouth girl! :) Because of the smell am gonna buy this again.Otherwise it was for normal,dry and t-zone skin.Deep pore cleansing.Face was really soft but didn't see any difference on the pores.It lasted me like 6 times:)

Oriflame feet up warming cinnamon foot cream:
It has a very strong spicey smell. Otherwise it was foot cream like any other.

Dove oil care shampoo & conditioner:
Lots of shine and silkiness:) Also the smell was good:)

Lumene sos cream:
Too small to say that it helped. Didn't notice any changes.

Giordani gold concealer:
This was my second tube and i still love it:)

Bio clinic acne day/night cream:
If u read my blog for the first time and u have no clue what this is then click Here