Current favorites:)

Nivea body milk for dry skin:
My skin gets really dry in fall and winter.Nivea cream is just perfect,it moisturizes and smooths my skin nicely and it smells good:) Contains almond oli,vitamin E and natural minerals.It absorbes quickly and doesn't leave your skin greasy or anything:)
Carlo di Roma nr 10 nail polish:
This is the perfect colour for me to wear at work:) It has a very sheer shimmer in it .NOTD  is Here
Oriflame Neo chic "Mint pear" nail polish:
This is my latest buy and my very first mint colour and am in love! If am not working ,this has been my " wear me" shade of the past couple of days. :) NOTD is Here
Evelin  SOS  nail polish:
I have had it for months now and at first i struggeled with it because it made my cuticles hurt.But it also worked well. Somehow i stopped using it and at the end of september i started again,because my nails where in a very bad shape.And again it works :) My nails are stronger and they grow a lot faster.It has now a very weird " best before" is over,but there is no expire date in the i don't now .U can read the full review over Here and Here
Oriflame lipstick (sample)
I haven't figured it out what kind of lipstick this is.No name or number:( It is a beautiful pink/coral shade with a lot of shimmer.It has light strawberry scent.It makes my lips tingle,but not in a bad way.It also stays on very long.

What are your favorites at the momement?

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