Blog award!:)

So this is my second time to win a award! Yayy!!:))
Two months ago,when my blog was still in Wordpress,i had only 3...okey 2 ,,am not including myself followers and no traffic and no awards what so ever.But now i have already 29 followers and so much going on and am very thankful for that:)
I wanna thank Francis,who nominated me this time:)
 Thank you so much girl:)

1. Nominate 15 bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
2. Let them know that you have nominated them.
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Thank the bloggers that have nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.
                                             Seven Random facts:                                                                                                                                                   
          1-Am obsessed with shoeboxes
                            2-I have 53 pairs of earrings                        
                            3- I always have to walk on the right side,    
                       otherwise makes me uncomfortable.
                4-I currently work as a chambermaid
                      5-When i was 15 i got attacked by a dog
 6-I talk a lot in my sleep    
                        7-Am afraid to get stuck on a elevator.     

Bloggers I award:           
                                                                Have a nice weekend!;)

Border nails:)

I painted my nails pink and then used old black eyeliner pencil to draw the outlines, because i don't have any nail art pen or  a brush.And my black nail polish was too watery. U also need a very steady hand...mine was shaking as hell:) But am very happy for the result:)

I won a giveaway!!:)

Turquoise dream had a giveaway and i won two beautiful bow rings,which she made herself:)
Go check her out:
She has a very cool blog:)
I adore those rings,they are such a pop of colour.:)
My new favourite things!:)
And they fit perfectly:)
Thank you Kelly!:)

GMT slimming gel.

Gel with a slimming and anti-cellulite effect contains active phyto ingredients and peptides.Boosts the metabolism of skin,softens and hydrates it.Use on problematic areas.Induces a light feeling of heat.To attain the optimal result,it is recommended that you apply Body concept tonic in the morning and slimming gel in the evening.Wash your hands after use.
I won this product at and i have use it about a week now and i love it!:) It has a strong kinda medical scent.Colour is orange.It absorbes so quickly and its so light,u can immediately put your close on:) It's not sticky!:)I use it twice a day and i must say my "problem areas" are already looking a little thinner and slightly more tight.At first it didn't induce any heat but one time it got really hot!:) Felt like burning,but it was not bad:) Its available only in beauty salons and it costs 28.40.They have a web page:

Garnier BB cream

Everybody has it already and now i have it too!:) I have heard so many reviews on in: who loves it and who hates it! But i must say i looovvveeeee it!!!:)  This is the best cream ever!!:) So those who don't know anything about this cream,let me tell you :
It evens your skin tone-Not  as good as foundation does,but very close:) For me it covered almost  the redness in my face.
Blurs lines & imerfections- almost..if you have any pimples,then they are slightly seen.But if you have clear skin then its perfect:)
Boost healthy glow-yes,yes,yes:) Am pale as swan,but now i have nice" tanned" glow:)
Moisturizes 24h-yes,yes:) I don't need any cream after or before it.My skin stays moist all day long:)
It has SPF15 in it!
And also what i love : it smells good! Like perfume :) And it does not leave any marks or spots.You know,if you change clothes and all your neck-line is covered with foundation or after a phone call ,your phone is covered with foundation and in your cheek there is a big white spot that doesn't match rest of your face:/ Also,it's not expencive-6

Big,grazy voluminous hair.

What you need:

straightener or curling iron
teasing comb

First you wanna straight your hair or curl,whatever you like.I lightly straightened mine.
Then take hair sections back off your head,spray it and tease.

Tease all the back hair.

Then comb just enought to get it smooth and put your headband on. And your done!:)