GMT slimming gel.

Gel with a slimming and anti-cellulite effect contains active phyto ingredients and peptides.Boosts the metabolism of skin,softens and hydrates it.Use on problematic areas.Induces a light feeling of heat.To attain the optimal result,it is recommended that you apply Body concept tonic in the morning and slimming gel in the evening.Wash your hands after use.
I won this product at and i have use it about a week now and i love it!:) It has a strong kinda medical scent.Colour is orange.It absorbes so quickly and its so light,u can immediately put your close on:) It's not sticky!:)I use it twice a day and i must say my "problem areas" are already looking a little thinner and slightly more tight.At first it didn't induce any heat but one time it got really hot!:) Felt like burning,but it was not bad:) Its available only in beauty salons and it costs 28.40.They have a web page:

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