Garnier BB cream

Everybody has it already and now i have it too!:) I have heard so many reviews on in: who loves it and who hates it! But i must say i looovvveeeee it!!!:)  This is the best cream ever!!:) So those who don't know anything about this cream,let me tell you :
It evens your skin tone-Not  as good as foundation does,but very close:) For me it covered almost  the redness in my face.
Blurs lines & imerfections- almost..if you have any pimples,then they are slightly seen.But if you have clear skin then its perfect:)
Boost healthy glow-yes,yes,yes:) Am pale as swan,but now i have nice" tanned" glow:)
Moisturizes 24h-yes,yes:) I don't need any cream after or before it.My skin stays moist all day long:)
It has SPF15 in it!
And also what i love : it smells good! Like perfume :) And it does not leave any marks or spots.You know,if you change clothes and all your neck-line is covered with foundation or after a phone call ,your phone is covered with foundation and in your cheek there is a big white spot that doesn't match rest of your face:/ Also,it's not expencive-6

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