What's in my phone?

SquareDroid-I use this app to add pictures to Instagram without cropping it.Very useful!;)
AdAway,Adobe Air,Adobe Reader,Android Tuner and Download files- I don't use those apps but my boyfriend says that they are very important and i have to keep them.
Alarm sounds-I use this to change my alarm sound,because i get tired easily if i have the same sound all the time.
Album-I have all my pictures in there.
Appstore-I don't use it often but sometimes there are games that Google play store doesn't have.
AguaMail-No brainer-all my emails are in there:)
Backgrounds-It is my fav place to search and use all kinds of different images for my phone.
Basaar-It is my fav app! It is a store where u can find and buy all kinds of clothes and jewerly and bags.It is so addictive!:)
Beautiful Widges-All my clock or weather image widges are in there.I can change and choose on many different designs.
Blogger and Bloglovin-Well,we all know what those two are:)

Lucky Patcher,Nova Settings,Recorder,OfficeSuite-Again,these apps are important,i don't know why but they are,so i am just gonna keep them.
Menüü-Sometimes if i don't know what to cook for dinner i use this app and usually i find something.I like it because u can create a shopping list and it makes my life so much easier when i am in the store.
My days-Well every girls must have it!:) It is so easy and so punctual!;)
Natural Beauty tips-I have used some tips on there.But nothing special.
Pic Frames and Rookie- I use them to edit my pictures.I have tried so many editing apps and i think that Rookie is the best:)

Sound Sleep- Sometimes if i have drouble to fall asleep,then i use this app and instantly i am sleeping.There are many different options of sound and music that you can choose and also a timer.
SoundHound and TrackId-Love those apps! Everytime a song is playing and i don't know the singer or the band ,then they search and let me know:)
SuperSu,Titanium Backup,Xposed Installer- Important.

Durak-It is the only game that i have and i love it:)
GravityBox-I use this app to change my icons.
Clean Master-Vey useful app.It cleans my phone and keeps it runing.
Greader Pro-I use it to read news on Postimees and other Estonian papers.
File Explorer and Greenfly-Important

What is your fav phone app?


  1. Tõmbasin ka telefoni Basaari aga ei lase kasutajat teha. Väga tahaks kasutada aga jah mis teha.

    1. Huvitav miks ta ei lase? Aga äkki kirjuta neile sinna care@thebasaar.com võibolla oskavad aidata!:)