Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wishlist: Ebay and Amazon!

U already know my obsession about owls,,well i think it gets worse everyday! Now i want those phone cases. Just look at them and tell me that they are the cutest  things when it comes to cases:))  Link over HERE

Minu hullus on piiritu!:)) No sa vaata vaid kui armsad need ümbrised on?!:)Kes sellist siis omale ei tahaks? Link SIIN

Also i want this studded bag and scull wallet.The last one fits actually quite lot.Many colour options.Links over HERE and over HERE

Lisaks on mul soovi saada omale uus käekott ja rahakott.Viimane on vaatamata oma pisikesele suurusele üpriski mahukas.Värvivalik on ka päris lai:) Lingid SIIN ja SIIN

Side note!: Unfortenatly Ebay and Amazon doesn't ship the phone case and the wallet to Estonia:(

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