Review: Oriflame Perfect match eyeshadow duo

I bough these eyeshadows a long time ago and am very happy with them.They are so far the best eyeshadows that i have tried from Oriflame.

The eyeshadows comes in this little box with a small little brush in it and i find that the lid opens a little hard and when u do open it finally,then the brush falls out! I removed it because clearly nobody uses those sponge type brushes anymore.

Colours itself are well pigmented at firs but after blending it,they loose some of there pigmentation,so u have to touch up a little.I think it is because u can wear them 2 ways- dry and wet.If they are wet then yes the pigmentation is a little better:)For me they both stayed on without primer and didn't smudge that much:) Faided ,but where still on my eyelids:)



The texture is kinda creamy/powdery and has a smooth finish.Doesn't leave any flakes.The lighter shades has a little shimmer in it.Overall they are good for light everyday make-up and maybe with primer and wet ,even for a night out:)

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