February empties!

Adidas pure lightness perfume:
Smells exactly like DKNY  " Be delicious" and it even stays on long although it was like 4.99€ Defenetly gonna buy it again:) Full review over Here
Come!Closer Mallorca girl perfume:
This had to be my 5-6th bottle of this perfume.It has a sweet scent and unfortunately it doesn't stay on very long.Also it was quite cheap like 5€ and i think i wouln't buy it again soon, because am kinda over it.
Oriflame ultra glam perfume:
Really nice ,strong ,musky scent.Stays on long and maybe even i would buy it again..U can read full review over  Here
Neutrogena pink grapefruit daily scrub:
Really really good scrub:) I defenetly gonna buy it again:) Full review over Here 
Oriflame ecollagen 3D day cream sample:
It was nice ,nothing special.
Garnier deodorant
Puhas Loodus scrub cream:
I didn't like it very much.The exfolianting particals where really noticeable and kinda hard.Also the fresh apple scent dissapeared and left old weird scent to it.But it did clean my face nicely.I would't buy it again.
Garnier ultra doux conditioner: 
So i finally finished it and it wasn't that bad than the shampoo was.Full review over Here 
Buk glitter nailpolish:
Really nice glittery polish.Actually i have some left in the bottle but because the wand is too small i couln't get all the product out.Sad because i really liked that polish:)
Manhattan supersize mascara:
It was nice mascara. Added some volume and lenght and didn't smudge during the day.Full review over Here


  1. Võta mõni alus, mis lakki lävi ei lase (näiteks läbipaistvad kilekaaned vms), tilguta lakki pudelist välja sinna peale, laki nagu harilikult. Saadki lõpu ära kasutada :)

    1. oooo sellise asja peale ma ei tulnudki:D blond nagu ma olen:) eks ma järgmise lakiga proovin sest see sädelev lendas juba prügikasti:S

  2. I've been wanting to try that Neutrogena Face Scrub, it smells so nice.
    Have a lovely day!


    1. I must be the only one that doesn't like the smell but otherwise it is a really really nice scrub:)