February empties!

Adidas pure lightness perfume:
Smells exactly like DKNY  " Be delicious" and it even stays on long although it was like 4.99€ Defenetly gonna buy it again:) Full review over Here
Come!Closer Mallorca girl perfume:
This had to be my 5-6th bottle of this perfume.It has a sweet scent and unfortunately it doesn't stay on very long.Also it was quite cheap like 5€ and i think i wouln't buy it again soon, because am kinda over it.
Oriflame ultra glam perfume:
Really nice ,strong ,musky scent.Stays on long and maybe even i would buy it again..U can read full review over  Here
Neutrogena pink grapefruit daily scrub:
Really really good scrub:) I defenetly gonna buy it again:) Full review over Here 
Oriflame ecollagen 3D day cream sample:
It was nice ,nothing special.
Garnier deodorant
Puhas Loodus scrub cream:
I didn't like it very much.The exfolianting particals where really noticeable and kinda hard.Also the fresh apple scent dissapeared and left old weird scent to it.But it did clean my face nicely.I would't buy it again.
Garnier ultra doux conditioner: 
So i finally finished it and it wasn't that bad than the shampoo was.Full review over Here 
Buk glitter nailpolish:
Really nice glittery polish.Actually i have some left in the bottle but because the wand is too small i couln't get all the product out.Sad because i really liked that polish:)
Manhattan supersize mascara:
It was nice mascara. Added some volume and lenght and didn't smudge during the day.Full review over Here

OOTD: 24.02.13

So this is my outfit that i wore yesterday at work.:)

  • Topshop shirt
  • Simple black top
  • Owl necklace
  • Vero moda jeans
  • Boots are from Walking
  • Bag is from Buybuy 365/ Buduaar

Review:Syoss glossing shine-seal shampoo & conditioner.

  • Contains pro-cellium keratin
  • Long lasting shine
  • Normal to dull hair
  • Not heavy 
  • Smells is AMAZING!
I have only good things to say:) First of all the bottles are huge!:) They are gonna last me forever:) Also i like the design,really easy to get everything out:) And the smell is just amazing! It really does linger for days in your hair.I have using both of them for a week or two now and my hair is so silky and light,they even shine a little,conditioner makes my hair combing process much more easier,no tangles:) This is my first time using Syoss products and am really pleased:)

Also don't forget that my GIVEAWAY is still open,you still have 8 days to enter!:)

Review: Lumene pure radiance day cream

  • Normal/ dry skin
  • Creamy
  • Light
  • Has vitamin C,cloudberry nectar and antioxidants in it
  • Smells good
  • Brightens the skin
  • Paraben free
  • Contains over 85 % natural ingredients
  • No SPF
I really love this cream:) It is so fresh,light and creamy.It gives a nice feeling to your skin.Also i noticed that after 2 weeks my skin looks less red and more bright.Suitable for under foundation. And i can't get over the smell-amazing!!!:) When i told my hubby that am using this cream and Garnier face wash that also gives a radiant glow he sayed that am gonna glow in the dark!:))


Am soooo excited to do my very first giveaway!!:) I was gonna do it when i have 100 followers,but i just can't wait that long,besides recently i have won so many giveaways  that i thought it was time to give something back:)
I wanna THANK YOU ALL who have been sticking around and sometimes even left a commend and pushed the "interesting" or " cool" button:)

  • Vanilla mini size candle
  • Cocoa butter body scrub
  • Oriflame tender care coconut balm
  • 2 Maybelline Colorama nail polishes in "91" and "54"
  • Earrings
  • U have to be my  GFC follower
  • Leave your name and e-mail down below
  • Share this giveaway on your blog/facebook/twitter and leave me the link down below 
  • Giveaway is International and ends in 28.02.13

Good luck to everybody!:)And Happy Valentines day!:)

Review: Garnier fruit energy daily scrub

  • Very light and soapy scrub
  • Doesn’t leave skin feeling sticky
  • Smells so fresh
  • Removes spots after 2-3 washes
  • Gives a radiant look
  • Too liquidy
  • Has grapefruit and pomegranate in it
  • Combination/oily skin prone to imperfections
  • Exfoliating particles are tiny and doesn't feel hard on your skin
If i compare this and my last Neutrogena wash then it's like 50:50.They both are great but i like that Garnier has a better,,let's say amazing scent than N does.:) On the other hand G doesn't remove my spots or big pimples that fast,it takes like 2 -3 washes,N removed them after first wash.My skin does look fresh and isn't that oily anymore and has brightened up a little:) U only need a tiny tiny ammount of gel because it's little too liquidy and it's gonna last you for a long time:) Overall i like that scrub and gonna buy it again and N one too:)

Review: Oriflame nude kohl eye pencil

  • Creamy texture.
  • Smooths on easily.
  • Stays on about 4 hrs.
  • Smudges a little.
  • Makes eyes bigger and "fresh" looking.
  • Nice nude/ white colour.
  • Cheap.
  • Black version also available.

Am very pleased with this product:)  It really makes my eyes bigger and because i wear classes my eyes looks so small.I have the black version too and it's also very nice:) I really like that they both are so smooth when applying,most the eye pencils that i have had they are kinda sharp and it's very painful me to apply them.I defenetly recomend it!:)