January empties

Gliss kur shampoo&conditioner-I really like this duo.Made my hair silky and gave a little shine also.Only thing that was bothering me a little was the smell,way too intense.
Oriflame feminelle wash-Great product!
L'Oreal studio hot straightening cream-This was one of my " have to use it up" product.I have lately been kinda obsessed about straightening my hair and this was very helpful.It made it a lot easier and faster.It had sweet scent and if applying too much it made my hair heavy and sticky.But overall it was a great product and i would buy it again:)
Lumene matt touch deep- cleansing mask-I really didn't like it as much i would have.It was thick,too thick tha it was very difficult to get it out.Didn't see any result so i wound buy this mask ever again.
Joik white chocolate bath truffles-Full review over Here
After adding the other 4 in the water i still didn't like the result.Too greasy and all the flower paddles floating and looking nasty in the bathtub.
Dove rich nourishment cream-Really really nice cream.Thick,moisturizes well and absorbes quickly.Perfect for winter when skin is really dry.
DKNY body lotion-Again one of the products that i wanted to use it up.There is no bad world to say about this lotion or any DKNY products.Just amazing!:) Can't get enough of the smell:))
Giordani gold concealer.
Oriflame black eyeliner pencil-It looks like a lipstick:) But the inside broke and i can't use it anymore.It didn't gave as much intense black colour and it faded and smudged turing the day pretty quickly.
Care Romeis top coat-Overall nice polish but i wish the wand would have been bigger so i could get all the product out.
Oriflame Royal Velvet firming day cream-Actually i have had this cream before but it was like 45+ and i just gave it to my mother.But i got another and wanted to give it a try.And i really like it,had a nice smell,made my skin soft.Because it was only a sample i can't tell you if it really firmed my skin or not.Have to ask my mother what she has to say about this cream:)
Avon planet spa mask samples:
Japanese sake and rice smooting face mask-Really nice mask.White,nice smell and really felt that it smoothed my face and gave a really nice feeling to my face after:)
Dead sea minerals face mud mask- I defenetly gonna buy this in a full size! I absolutely love it! Grey,thick and really went deep and cleaned my face.This has been the only mask that makes my skin crunch after wash:)
Mediterranean olive oil hydrating face mask-Again really really nice mask.The smell is just amazing and lefts a fresh and clean feeling after wash:)
Collistar straightening anti-frizz shampoo sample: Too small to get the result.
Oriflame ecollagen 3D anti wrinkle night cream- Liked only the smell and again too small to see the results.
Oriflame optimals nutri calm night cream- I have had it on the full size and if i remember, then it didn't too much.
Hair and body wash for babys and adults-This was the worst body/hair wash ever! It looked brownish,had a terrible smell and didn't too anything at all..

Am very pleased all the products that i have been using up and there is just no better feeling when u see your shelfs getting emptier and you can finally buy some new things:)
Hope u guys had a great january and feel free to leave a coment below telling me what did u use up  in january!:)

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