August empties!

Rosemary and blackcurrant shampoo.
Didn't do much for my hair,scent was disturbing at the end.Not gonna repurchase it again.

Dove intensive repaire shampoo.(travel size)
I love Dove shampoo's.They have the most amazing smell ever! Made my hair very soft and the scent stayed on my hair 2 days:)

Gliss kur total repair shampoo.(travel size)
Didn't notice any differences ,smell was ok.

Head&Shoukders classic clean shampoo( travel size)
This one had amazing scent,but the next day my hair was greasy,,i don't know why .Thank god that it was only travel size bottle.

Dove go fresh pomegranate shower gel.
Amazing!!:)) The smell and the feeling after the wash was amazing! This is probably the only shower gel that leaves the smell on your body after u have dryed yourself.:)

Nivea white rose and almond milk harmony shower cream.(travel size)
Sooo good! It really was relaxing and calming.And the smell ..loveee it!:))

Hair x leave in conditioner.
Worked well,smell was nice.But made my hair greasy when i sprayed it too much.This was my second bottle and am done buying it again.Because there are so much other products that i wanna try.

All -over make-up remover.
Really nice make-up remover.All the "stuff" came off nicely,stinged a little when it got into my eyes.

GMT body slimming gel.
I absolutely loved this product! u can read the review over HERE 

Garnier mineral deodorant for sensitive skin.
This is the only deodorant that i can use.Because i have senstitve skin on my arm pits, then other products even sensitive ones gives me rash.I was so happy when i discovere it and it really suited me.Only bad thing is that it dryes slowly and it leaves white marks.

Oriflame maxi lash mascara.
At first i did not like it.The wand was weird ( sorry ,i forgot to do the pic).Mascara was all over my eyes because it was too watery.But at the end i got use to it and it was actually pretty good mascara.Added lenght and a little bit volume.:)

Swedish spa face serum.
I had to apply a lot of it because it left my skin dry. Otherwise it was okey.

Kamill day and night cream.
Really nice creams.Thick and very moisturizing.:)

Have u tryed any of these products before?


  1. kust kohast sa saad neid travel size tooteid? Poes mu arust ei müüda neid :)

  2. i use the Gliss shampoo - it's in a red bottle. it makes my hair smell nicer than other shampoo's i've used!