Inside my makeup bag? (updated)

Spring is here and i changed my makeup bag content.Also having the BB cream  makes my morning routine so much easier and am done like 10 min:)

What i have:
Garnier miracle skin perfector in medium.
Oriflame Maxi lash mascara.
Oriflame tender care "cherry".
Oriflame tea tree and rosmary corrective stick.
Oriflame eyebrow kit.
Oriflame Giordani gold concealer in light/medium.
Oriflame black kohl eyeliner.
Oriflame lipstick "Pink passion"
Some q-tips.


  1. Palju oriflame'i tooteid, aga muidu huvitav sisu :)

  2. ma ise vaatasin ka kui postitust tegin:)
    aga see tuleneb ka sellest et ma olen oriflame konsultant:)