January empties

Gliss kur shampoo&conditioner-I really like this duo.Made my hair silky and gave a little shine also.Only thing that was bothering me a little was the smell,way too intense.
Oriflame feminelle wash-Great product!
L'Oreal studio hot straightening cream-This was one of my " have to use it up" product.I have lately been kinda obsessed about straightening my hair and this was very helpful.It made it a lot easier and faster.It had sweet scent and if applying too much it made my hair heavy and sticky.But overall it was a great product and i would buy it again:)
Lumene matt touch deep- cleansing mask-I really didn't like it as much i would have.It was thick,too thick tha it was very difficult to get it out.Didn't see any result so i wound buy this mask ever again.
Joik white chocolate bath truffles-Full review over Here
After adding the other 4 in the water i still didn't like the result.Too greasy and all the flower paddles floating and looking nasty in the bathtub.
Dove rich nourishment cream-Really really nice cream.Thick,moisturizes well and absorbes quickly.Perfect for winter when skin is really dry.
DKNY body lotion-Again one of the products that i wanted to use it up.There is no bad world to say about this lotion or any DKNY products.Just amazing!:) Can't get enough of the smell:))
Giordani gold concealer.
Oriflame black eyeliner pencil-It looks like a lipstick:) But the inside broke and i can't use it anymore.It didn't gave as much intense black colour and it faded and smudged turing the day pretty quickly.
Care Romeis top coat-Overall nice polish but i wish the wand would have been bigger so i could get all the product out.
Oriflame Royal Velvet firming day cream-Actually i have had this cream before but it was like 45+ and i just gave it to my mother.But i got another and wanted to give it a try.And i really like it,had a nice smell,made my skin soft.Because it was only a sample i can't tell you if it really firmed my skin or not.Have to ask my mother what she has to say about this cream:)
Avon planet spa mask samples:
Japanese sake and rice smooting face mask-Really nice mask.White,nice smell and really felt that it smoothed my face and gave a really nice feeling to my face after:)
Dead sea minerals face mud mask- I defenetly gonna buy this in a full size! I absolutely love it! Grey,thick and really went deep and cleaned my face.This has been the only mask that makes my skin crunch after wash:)
Mediterranean olive oil hydrating face mask-Again really really nice mask.The smell is just amazing and lefts a fresh and clean feeling after wash:)
Collistar straightening anti-frizz shampoo sample: Too small to get the result.
Oriflame ecollagen 3D anti wrinkle night cream- Liked only the smell and again too small to see the results.
Oriflame optimals nutri calm night cream- I have had it on the full size and if i remember, then it didn't too much.
Hair and body wash for babys and adults-This was the worst body/hair wash ever! It looked brownish,had a terrible smell and didn't too anything at all..

Am very pleased all the products that i have been using up and there is just no better feeling when u see your shelfs getting emptier and you can finally buy some new things:)
Hope u guys had a great january and feel free to leave a coment below telling me what did u use up  in january!:)

Kiti's jewerelly.

Today i wanna make a quick post about my sisters handmade jewerelly/earrings.She is very talented and grafty woman who hopes to turn his hobbie into a busness one day:) She designs and paints everything by herself.  I absolutely love her work.And what i really love is that all the earrings are so light weighted,u can't even feel them in your ear + they are one of the kind and such a pop of colour to your outfit!:) Here are some photos from her Facebook page:

Which one is your favorite?

New: China Glaze & Malinka polishes

  • Malinka insta dry base coat-3.60€
  • China Glaze nail polish - 3.60€(no name because a stupid sticker is covering the name label and i cant get the sticker off!)
  • China Glaze nail polish in "Lemon Fizz"-5.60€

Am so excited to try out my very first China Glaze polishes:) I found them in areally cute beauty shop that had Essie and even the The Balm products:) And all the glitter polishes where on sale:)

Yes,i won another giveaway!:)

Merje from MiuMei had a giveaway and again luck was on my side an i won some goodies:)
Thank you Merje!
What i got:
  • Avon Skin so soft body lotion
  • 2 face sponges
  • Kamill hand cream sample
  • Collistar shampoo sample
  • Oriflame Royal velvet face cream sample
  •  3 Avon Planet spa masks

Review:Flomar perfect cover concealer



  • Creamyand thin texture
  • Easy to apply
  • Natural and smooth finish
  • Almost the perfect coverage
  • Stays all day
  • Available in many shades
I absolutely love this product!:)  At first i was gonna go with some L'oreal concealers but then i was like no no too small and too expencive.Then i saw this little guy way back in shelf and decided to try this.Before that i thought that my Giordani Gold concealer is the best thing but now i realized that i wasted so much money on that small product and it wasn't even that perfect.This concealer is so easy to use,it has a sponge applicator and u only have to dip it in once and your entire face problems are covered.Before i had to turn and twist and twist and it was just pointless.I really like that it has this natural finish,it doesn't look cackey and doesn't feel heavy.It blends in perfectly and it has very light scent.It covers perfectly,except some really bad red pimples that i have right now on my neck/ chin area.

Have u ever tried this concealer?

Review: My most used brushes

I was just gonna wash my brushes and thought to myself why not make a quick post about what brushes i use mostly/ everyday. I got all my ( fake) Mac brushes from Buduaar a while ago and so far i have been very pleased with them.They have pretty good quality,i wish they where a little softer though:)

  • Eyebrow/lash comb brush: Mainly i use the eyebrow side too comb through my brows.
  • Angled brush: I use this one to contour my nose,cheecks and also for highlighting.
  • Small angeled brush: This brush is perfect for applying my Giordani Gold eyeliner on my bottom eyelids.
  • Powder brush:Big and not so fluffy brush ,but it makes it's job perfectly:)

December empties!

Nivea body milk:It was on my october favorites post.I really liked it! It did it's job well.Defenetly i would buy this again:)
Huggies baby wipes:Not the best wipes that i have used.The package is nice and colourful but the lid broked and 50% of my wipes dryed.They had little bear image on,texture was rough ( and these are baby wipes??) It did remove make-up but not thoroughly.Skin was quite dry after.Contains 64 wipes .It had cucumber scent.I will not recomend those wipes.
Vanilla & apple shower gel: At the end it had a very bad smell.Otherwise it was ok but i would not buy it again.
Yves Rocher Jardins du Monte Grains de cafe du Brazil shower gel:If u love coffe like i do,then u gonna love this shower gel.It is just amazing! It smells soooooo good! It really does smell like freshly made coffe with cream.Soo sooo good:)) It made me wanna drink coffee every time i showered:) The formula is thick ,so u need a very small amount.It lathers up well.It is gentle and my skin was sooo soft after wash:) It also leaves a light scent to your skin:) It was actually gonna be my november favorites but i clearly forgot to add it.I would buy this again and again:)
Dead sea mud hair mask: I had a review on that but suprise suprise it vanished somewhere:) I bought this mask because it had hair loss prevention written on it,also it helps too grow new hair faster.I really liked it,i didn't see any noticeable hair growing but it gave me volume and soft hair.:)
Yves Rocher wrinkle reducing night cream:Read the review over Here

Review: Oriflame maxi lash mascara

 " THE mascara of this age: a revolutionary dual-effect comb applicator and unique mascara formula, giving the fattest, most intense lashes ever seen! 16X more VOLUME! Enriched with natural beeswax and lash-conditioning panthenol"-Oriflame

  • Very uncomfortable dual comb
  • Too liquidy
  • No volume
  • No smudges
  • Separates nicely
  • Gives a decent lenght 

At first i didn't like it at all. And most of my clients returned it. The dual comb was very uncomfortable and because it's too liquity the mascara ended up on my eyelids. It has wider and thinner side and u litteraly have to comb your lashes very thoroughly, otherway's ,lot's of mascara builds up and u end up getting spiderlegs.  But i got use to it and now i kinda like it.It gives lenght and separates,and less product ends up on my lids:) This is actually my second tube( free gift) and i am gonna try to use it all up.